The Otego Historical Society
A Bicentennial History of Otego


Helena Northup Myers


Published by
Town Board, Town of Otego, New York


When Levi Coburn came to Otego in 1842, the only streets were Main Street, River Street and a path leading to the Episcopal Church.  

There were sixty-five buildings in 1842. Between then and 1889 one hundred fifteen were built, according to him.

Otego Village has grown very much since Stuart Blakely's history was published in September, 1907. The task of locating the houses and identifying them accurately is no small task. Unless deeds are examined, it is almost impossible to make positive identification. Houses have been changed, some moved, some burned. Maps of 1856, 1868 and 1903 have been studied, Letters, scrapbooks, old papers, the writings of Grace Vay and Paul Hyatt who started to write the history of Otego have been read and re-read in hopes of making this history as accurate as possible.

People who have lived here most or all of their lives have been most generous in sharing what they remember about various houses and the people who lived in them.

As for the business places which have changed places and owners many times, I cannot vouch for the accuracy of all names.

I wish to thank all those who have contributed to this history.

I feel especially indebted to Mrs. Ethel Smith, Vincent B. Fuller, Arthur Place, Irma Belle Sheldon, Mrs. Edith Sheldon, Mrs. Agnes Hawver, Mrs. Lida Holbrook, Mrs. Roderick Dutcher, Mrs. Juanita Young, Richard Utter, Mrs. Doris Beckley, Mrs. Pauline Hovemeyer, Peter Negri, and my daughter, Mrs. Margaret Sullivan.

It has been my purpose to bring this book up-to-date. Keeping this in mind, it is our hope that the facts will once more come alive, and the value of the history presented will be preserved.

Helena Northup Myers.

December 1, 1976

“to my husband, without whose encouragement, help, and enduring patience this book might never have been written . .”



1          Indian Occupation

2          Coming of the White Man

3           Settlers before the Revolution

4          Susquehanna River Trail

5          Otego Township

6          The Settlers

7          Life in Early Otego

8          Turnpikes, Taverns, Bridges

9          Newspapers, Post Office

10        Churches of Otego

11        Schools

12        Soldiers

13        Early Civic Affairs

14        Businesses and Organizations

15        South Side of the Susquehanna

16        North Side of the Susquehanna

17        Mill Creek Road

18        Mill Road

19        East Branch of Otsdawa Creek

20        Green Street Road

21         West Branch of Otsdawa Creek

22        Flax Island Creek Road

23        Briar Creek Road

24        Main Street

25        River Street

26        Streets South of Main

27        Streets North of Main

28        Bicentennial, Miscellaneous